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Acqua Di Luna Gin (100cl)

25,00  incl. TAX
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Acqua di Luna combines London dry gin and compound gin with Mediterranean botanicals. Add tonic to unlock its secret-the butterfly pea flower, a natural coloring agent, turns Acqua di Luna blue, creating a vibrant purple when mixed with tonic. Its fragrance is distinctive, evolving throughout the tasting experience. It starts with a balsamic character from the separate distillation of juniper. Then, it indulges in the fresh notes of marjoram, accompanied by an undertone provided by rosemary, leaving a lingering impression as a closing note.

GinTó Nr.1

9,90 40,00  incl. TAX
GinTò Nº1 presents itself as a fragrance structured with a spicy and dry aromatic profile that evolves in tasting with warm and pleasing notes. The dry and spicy notes, marked by cinnamon and nutmeg stand out on a base of bitter orange, juniper and black pepper. On the nose, the base arrives more subtly and invites a sweet taste of cocoa and vanilla.

GinTó Nr.2

9,90 40,00  incl. TAX
GinTò Nº2 presents itself as a delicate and floral fragrance, yet at the same time, pungent and with a pronounced balsamic character. In tasting, the floral notes, accompanied by the freshness of citrus and the balsamic touch of juniper, culminate in a gourmand harmony with cocoa.